Dr. Lakhani is a board certified ophthalmologist practicing in Ocean County, New Jersey. He is frequently referred for cataract surgical consultations, as well as routine eye care and has performed over 7500 cataract surgical procedures.

Cataract surgery is necessary for patients who have developed cataracts. With cataracts, vision is blurry, and many everyday activities become impossible, like driving a car. Dr. Lakhani strives to provide patients with compassionate care and attention to detail, no matter what. Cataract surgery is considered an incredibly safe procedure, and is performed on millions of patients per year. Dr. Lakhani performs comprehensive eye exams, advanced glaucoma procedures, LASIK, and refractive cataract surgery. All procedures are performed with the latest technology that is available, giving patients the best experience possible.

If you are looking for an eye doctor or ophthalmologist in central New Jersey and would like to schedule an appointment with Dr. Lakhani, please contact the Toms River office at 732-244-4322.